Broken Flesh adds on former Obliteration/Death List Guitarist

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Broken Flesh has decided to add on Death List and Obliteration Guitarist Bryan Nikkel as a new Bassist. The band went through some lineup struggles last year, with the departure of brother Jacob and Josh Mathes, the band’s vocalist and bassist, and Guitarist Dakota Whiteside. The band would then add on Bassist Kyle Fitzgerald. The band would announce that Kyle was departing from the band due to family reasons. They would then add on Bryan Nikkel, who had played with founding Guitarist and Vocalist Kevin Tubby in Death List and Obliteration. The band has new music coming soon.

Hey there.We are looking for a new bass player. Kyle is stepping down. There are no hard feelings, we wish he and his family the best, and pray for God to continue to guide him on his life's journey.

Posted by Broken Flesh on Saturday, February 25, 2017

Broken Flesh has a new band member. Bryan Nikkel of Enfuneration has joined the ranks. He is filling in on bass for the…

Posted by Broken Flesh on Thursday, April 6, 2017

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