BLOOD, SWEAT, and SIN: The History of Christian Rock (A New Docuseries by Michael Bridges)

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Michael Bridges, a long time member of our Christian Music and Rock Scene has embarked on a journey to release a special docuseries all about his involvement in the scene, where its gone, and and what is has meant to him. Sure to be shocking, compelling, and altogether interesting. Check out the trailer below and view the special gofundme to help get this project off the ground, right here. This really reminds me of an Anthony Bourdain (RIP) style series in the most honest way and it definitely has my interest. I think many of you will be intrigued as well.

From Michael:

I have spent 30 years as a Christian Missionary of sorts. Many of those years I spent building my own world in Christian Rock. Bands, music venues, festivals. I am putting together a documentary series about it. I hope you’ll check it out and share!

The History of Christian Rock

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