Besiged (Featuring Mattie Montgomery of For Today) Release Remastered Version of "INRI" (2007)

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Before Mattie Montgomery was the vocalist in FOR TODAY, he fronted Michigan’s BESIEGED. The band released a sole full-length effort, titled Atlantis, before Montgomery moved on to FOR TODAY. The album was released 10 years ago today, June 26, on Blood & Ink Records.

In celebration, the band are releasing a remastered version of their song “INRI,” which is taken from Atlantis. The song was given a studio update by the band’s drummer, Josh Schroeder, who has produced albums for A Plea For Purging, For The Fallen Dreams and many others.

When asked whether or not he was embarrassed about this album (as that’s how many artists feel in regard to their older material), Montgomery responded, “[I’m] totally not embarrassed about this. This album is so much better than the first For Today album. The second too, honestly.” [Laughs]

Original copies of Atlantis are available for purchase at Blood & Ink’s online store for only $3.99.

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Graham Wall
June 30, 2017 10:11 pm

I’m surprised he doesn’t like “Portraits” that much, ha.

Mason Beard
June 28, 2017 7:15 am

Is this going to be available for purchase?

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