Benjamin Daniel - Charlize Theron (Death of a Diplomat)

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Benjamin Daniel just released another NEW song, this one called “Charlize Theron (Death of a Diplomat)”. Check out the song below and let us know what you think. You can catch Benjamin Daniel at AudioFeed Festival 2023 (This summer). *Lyrics can also be found below.


Backspace on the doubtful dirge
I know I’m in the middle of it
This narrative my pen has purged
Is the drowning in the riddle of it
You took our surety for hate
So dogged in your doubt
Suffered wolves in your embrace
I spent years keeping out
I’m not disappointed, I’m disturbed
If you knew what I know, any less is worse
Should I be diplomatic in a hearse?
Fall into the siren’s charms
Her ocean has no bottom of it
Find your summer in her arms
But never see the autumn of it
Death can be a teacher
When it shows us how it ends
Say I’m such a preacher
But I think I’m just your friend
Fearmonger at his mother’s grave
Say to weep for you is no way to behave
As if there’s no stakes and no need to be saved
Well, I met Charlize Theron at a house in Malibu
She told me I’m awesome, then I left there with the truth
That I was an attendant and if ever I’d attend
I would still be unrepentant, buying time until the end
Furthermore, I gave back that name
When you went by it, I couldn’t do the same
I was slow to make an enemy of shame
And we’ll say the mansions missed it when He came
So can this be my resume?
Not trying to impress you with it
I just can’t be your happy face
Or care if I distress you with it
You hide your darkness with your pain
Till both are all you’ve got
Well, there are times we can’t move on
And times we can’t afford to not
Your trauma never was a special curse
If it nulled that serpent bruised, you’d be the first

Would you trade your perseverance for a purse?

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March 26, 2023 7:43 pm

Would love to know the history of how this song came to be and its interesting title.

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