Back To The Rock II Now Available

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CPR Band (a Petra-related project) have released their album “Back to the Rock II” on their website.

“Back to the Rock II” is a continuation of Classic Petra’s 2010 album “Back to the Rock”, featuring 9 re-recorded Petra songs and an Aerosmith cover.

CPR Band (not to be confused with the Thumperpunk Records band CPR) is a comprised of Petra members Greg X Volz, John Lawry, Louie Weaver, and Ronny Cates, as well as Kirk Henderson of Pieces of Eight.

It all started when a friend of Louie’s approached him one day and said, “Louie, I believe God wants you guys to do another CD. Here’s the money to get you started.” And we got started. Then another person came in to help, then another….and here it is, with the talent of our producer, John Lawry. After re-recording nine classic Petra songs and one Aerosmith song (which is one of my favorites by the way), the CPR album has finally arrived. Enjoy!

​Greg X Volz

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December 5, 2017 11:56 am

Just bought Back to the Rock II… JUST AWESOME !!! I would say it’s better than the first one, absolutely a joy to listen to!

Edward Hutchinson
Edward Hutchinson
January 9, 2018 5:14 pm

I was excited when I heard the Volz was heading up this return project!! I was disappointed when I heard it, unfortunately. With Back the Rock I, I got an updated sound with lots of guitar crunch and vocals that sounded like they were crying out for a new beginning. There was heart and soul without sacrificing any of the old classic rock sound, all while making everything sound so fresh and new. That being said, this project lacks the depth of it’s predecessor as guitars seem to be hidden and the re-recorded vocals sound forced rather than vibrant. I… Read more »

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