Audiofeed Festival 2022

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Audiofeed Festival returns this year (in just a couple of weeks actually) and I’m here to fill you in on all the great music and community you will experience. Audiofeed Festival has come to fill the void that Cornerstone left when it ceased to exist a decade ago. The creators of Audiofeed took a stand, brought along some experience and a diverse taste for remarkable independent music and further seek to share that undeniable influence with a new generation of music goers. Times have changed in the past decade but the one constant thread running through is that everyone still appreciates good music and are thirsting for something of substance. Check out all the great acts performing at Audiofeed 2022 July 1st-3rd in Urbana, IL. Early entry on June 30th. Tickets on sale right here. Full list of artists performing can be found below.

Pedro the Lion, Rosie Thomas, Flatfoot 56, Randy Stonehill, Propaganda, Jay
Joseph, Listener, Idle Threat, Glenn Kaiser Band & Special Guests–

Lead All-Star Lineup For 9th Annual
AudioFeed Festival
July 1-3 Champaign / Urbana IL

Early entry June 30th

Tickets On Sale Now At

Chicago, IL (June 7, 2022) — AudioFeed Festival, Central Illinois’ community & faith driven
three-day live music and arts gathering, is proud to announce the return to The Champaign
County Fairgrounds in Urbana IL, on July 1-3 after a two year hiatus.

The final music lineup for AudioFeed Festival includes Pedro the Lion, Rosie Thomas,
Flatfoot 56, Propaganda, Jay Joseph, Listener, Glenn Kaiser Band, Idle Threat,
David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand and very special performances by legendary acts
Randy Stonehill, Eric Clayton, The Huntingtons, and Undercover.

Tickets for AudioFeed Festival are on sale now at
AudioFeed follows the steps of the legendary Cornerstone Festival, which established itself in
1984 as an alternative gathering focused on the Jesus Music counterculture that sprung out in
the late 60s/early 70s. Audiofeed began in 2013 in an effort to keep the core “family” of
Cornerstone alive. Audiofeed is not Cornerstone, but it’s the same family, and carries a similar

“I’m so excited to be playing Audiofeed this year. This fest has been a family reunion and retreat
for me for such a long time and getting to be there and play this year after a few years away will
be a balm” says singer-songwriter Kevin Schlereth. “If doing the work of community with a
group of people dedicated to that work appeals to you, I think you will find a home at Audiofeed”
Skot Shaw, the lead singer and songwriter behind Alt Rock/Goth Leper says “Leper cannot
wait to play Audiofeed, partly because there are so many people we have not seen for the last 3
years or more, and anyone who’s ever seen Leper play knows it’s going to be about 50%
concert 50% worship service, and this year we’ve even got a few surprises”

AudioFeed Festival will feature about 75 acts within 5 stages including the main stages (Radon
and Black Sheep) which will host all the headliners, the Sanctuary Stage which will have most
metal and heavy acts, the Burningtown Stage, and the Front Porch, which offers impromptu
slots for acts to perform open-mic style.

Some lineup highlights include David Bazan and his band Pedro The Lion, who just released a
new album called Havasu, and interviewed with poet Hanif Abdurraqib on NPR; indie
singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas, whose remarkable new album has a cover song of Mariah
Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” featuring Sufjan Stevens, the Shins, Josh Ottum, and James
McAlister; Chicago celtic punk outfit Flatfoot 56, who will be doing their last “theme” set, a
tradition carried over from Cornerstone Festival; Jay Joseph, who recently did an arena tour
with his brother’s band Twenty One Pilots, and released his debut LP Imaginary Friends; and
Propaganda, the LA rapper and activist who recently released a book called Terraform and
hosts a podcast on iHeart Radio called Hood Politics and is a recurring guest on the podcast
Behind the Bastards with Robert Evans.

Tickets for AudioFeed Festival are on sale now at
3-Day General Admission passes can be purchased online for only $70. AudioFeed Festival is
also offering an Early Access deal for $80, which provides festival early entry on June 30th for
extra shows and camping. RV Site camping passes are available for extra $90. In addition, the
single day passes are $35 for Fri, Sat or Sun, and $15 for Thurs only. Tickets will also be
available at the gate.

    The full lineup for AudioFeed Festival includes (subject to change):

Thursday, June 30 (Early Access): Randy Stonehill, Glenn Kaiser Band, Jeff Elbel+Ping, The
Wayside, Harry Gore, Families, Jay Costlow, Parental Petulance, Destroy Nate Allen, Insomniac
Folklore, Angel Machine, Former Ruins

Friday, July 1: Undercover, Wovenhand (solo), Narrow/Arrow, Eric Clayton and Friends, Jay
Joseph, Idle Threat, Dan Smith (solo), Revisionist, Moral DK, Threnodian, Jericho Harlot,
Destroy Nate Allen, Stove Pipe Nellies, Hey Augustine, Teel Short, Jeff Elbel (solo), John J
Thompson and True Tunes Live, Grave Robber, Leper, As Lions and Lambs, Ignescent, Pete &
Bergie, Light Unseen, Slaves Wage, Voluntary Mortification, Color Crush, Even Tides, American
Arson, Timbre of Cedar

Saturday, July 2: Pedro the Lion, Rosie Thomas, Listener, Propaganda, 6’10, Terminus Victor,
Benjamin Daniel, Bristle, Bad Ghost, All Hallowed, The Cedar Shakes, Wind Words,
SPACESHIPS, Heather Hammers, Saint of Pine Hills, Kevin Schlereth, Kendra Blethen, Orion
Walsh, The Uh Ohs, Todd Joos and the Revelators, Wedding Party, Inner Siege, Meadows,
Bloodlines, Dreaded Dale, God War, Context, Joshua Silas, Raviner, xDOULOSx, Insomniac
Folklore, Harry Gore, Convictions

Sunday, July 3: Flatfoot 56, The Huntingtons, Side Walk Slam, Levi the Poet, Ravenhill, V8
Vast Change, Spoken Nerd, Egypt Speaks, Pray for Sleep, Adjy, Ami Moss & The Unfortunate,
Max Simmons, Hushpad, Ryan Byfield & Nuclei, Christiana Benton, Words, OYARSA, 72-74’s,
Rusty Shipp, Jacob Goins, Good Saint Nathaneal, The Castros, brotherReDsquirrel, Cardboard
Highway, Timoratus, Brave Days, Coxey’s Army, Must Build Jacuzzi, As We Are, Broken Flesh,
Divine Martyr, Symphony of Heaven, Bub Walker & the TombsTones, Jeremiah Dirt, Hotstyle
Gospel, Lightshore, The Lunar Year (solo)

Ryan Getz, one of the curators of AudioFeed said “Come for the music, stay for the community”

AudioFeed Festival is located at 1302 N Coler Ave, Urbana, IL 61801

Instagram: @audiofeedfest

About AudioFeed Festival:

Audiofeed is music, arts, and community.

Music and Art is the center of what we tangibly “do”. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve hosted
over 500 bands, screened movies, explored performance and visual art, and created space for
our audience to share their music and art. The annual festival runs over the week and weekend
leading into the 4th of July and will be held this year June 30th-July 3rd.

Tickets include camping and the festival grounds provide some RV spots along with lots of room
for tent camping and a shower house. There are also lots of hotels nearby as we are located in
the heart of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Our goal is to create an environment where unconditional love is nurtured, encouraged, and
shared without regard for appearance, religious belief, race, societal status, or any other thing
that separates us from each other in the world at large. We believe that the perfect example of
that Love was expressed through Jesus Christ and we do our best in fitful and imperfect ways to
follow His example. Exploration, questioning, doubts, fears, hopes, joys… all are welcomed
and encouraged. Ultimately we’re people who want to support each other and experience great
music and art with others who feel the same way.

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