April Fools, Are You There?

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I would just like to take a moment before I start posting all these news stories from my home here in sunny Southern California, to say, hello, are you there? Seriously though, this April Fools may have gotten a bit out of hand in regards to the amount of Makeshift3 news stories and if you were offended just keep in mind, most of us have been severely affected by the sheer multitude of SPAM. This may be the very last post mentioning Makeshift3 on Indie Vision Music. So as I part this dreary day of depleting makeshift3 punk news, I bid farewell, say Hiyada Martian 3 and one last, “Are you there?”. Adios, 🙁 [All Makeshift3 news stories found below were complete fabrications and entirely untrue. No drumset was harmed in this production and punk never dies]

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April 19, 2022 3:51 am

I wish there would be some real Makeshift3 news. Great and waaaaaay underappreciated band.

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