The Altar Billies "Long, Long Road" Now Available

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The So. Cal. rockabilly band – The Altar Billies, release “Long, Long Road” available now from CD Baby. Look for the album on all digital networks soon.

Press Release:


There’s a “Long Road,” then there is the “Long, Long Road.”

The long road is most certainly a difficult enough journey in and of itself. But how about when you are put to task and called to take the “Long, Long Road?” A road that takes a little more patience, energy, prayer, fortitude, time and then some. Michael W, Chuck and Johnny believe that the road less traveled “is not paved in blacktop; it is not brightly lit, and it has no road signs. It is a rocky path through the wilderness.” And so it is, that in the group’s latest effort the fellas invite you to listen, consider and “hear that voice a call’n, call’n us to journey, on that Long, Long Road.”

With the release of their new recording project, the Altar Billies have downright narrowed and fine-tuned their sound so that it is “as sharp as a tack.” “Long, Long Road” finds Michael W expanding his songwriting skills to incorporate aspects of swing jazz with songs such as “Hot,” “Tumbleweed,” and “Hot (Big Band Version).” He also continues to delve into his profound fascination with train folklore through tunes such as “Whatever Happened to the Caboose?” and “Locomotive Don’t Pass Me by.”

Michael W’s odd and often silly sense of humor comes to light in songs such as, “One of those No Good for Nothin’ Bad Songs,” and “You Know I Still Love You.” The group’s continued love for Gospel music and its unique cultural influence is duly noted on cuts such as, “Long, Long Road,” the more modern country sounding “Bright Mornin’ Star” and on the opening cut, “Everything.”
The title of the project, “Long, Long Road,” not only reflects the idea of staying the course and finishing strong, but reflects the “long” hours invested into the making of this project (that clocks in at 300 hours plus). The group contends that this venture was well worth the huge quantity of time, as the result is a musical testimony that “The Billies” hope will make believers out of those that have forgotten, or even long ignored, the rich musical qualities found in this genre of music. Their desire is to disprove the notion that Rockabilly is more than just “a Twangy geetar, a slappin’ bass and a snare shuffle” – although this description works just fine for them as well.

The Altar Billies are proud to carry the rockabilly torch and keep this musical heritage alive and relevant. They are 3 swell guys that work hard, play together really well and have a good time in the process!

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