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If you followed IVM during 2018 you probably discovered some new music from our news and new releases posts. You might have also been introduced to some new artists by our staff too. In case you missed any our “introduction” posts last year here’s all 20 artists our staff took time to share with you:

Bastard Tongue

Bastard Tongue is a doom metal band featuring former members of Idealist. Their self-titled EP was produced by Evan King (formerly of Attalus) and debuts 1/12. You’ll be able to find it on their Bandcamp.

Benjamin Daniel

Benjamin Daniel is a new artist i’d like to introduce you all to. His music beautiful new song “Shaping Season” and purely magnificent in every mention of the word, is now streaming below. Benjamin is currently working on new recordings and this is one of his first to feature. This 5 minute and 30 sec epic song takes the listener on a journey through unshakable emotion, piercing sadness, unmistakable hope, and the redemption that shines through it all. I’m a tough one to be swayed by new solo independent music but there is something truly amazing about this debut track and something awe inspiring. You might remember Benjamin as a contributor here at IVM and an avid listener of great music. Check out the song “Shaping Season”, below.


Jessieville, Arkansas is about the last place on earth I’d expect to discover a new artist. I’ve been there, the entire town is comprised of a high school, a post office, and a burger shack. Yet much to my surprise that’s exactly where the progressive rock band Census comes from. The group started out as metalcore releasing an EP and a handful of singles. But with guitarist Ben Carey taking over on vocals the band has taken on a slightly different sound. Check out their newest single “I Can Feel Eternity” below and find the rest of the band’s discography on Bandcamp.

City of Auburn

I’d like to introduce you to a new alternative rock band called City of Auburn. The band hails from McKinney, TX and released their new EP titled Spinning on Honey Gold Records today. Watch the lyric video for lead single “Better Off” below and check out the EP on BandcampApple Music, and Spotify.

Eric Van Zant

Eric Van Zant, the lead guitarist for 7eventh Time Down, has a new self-titled solo EP. If you are expecting the EP to be in the same pop-rock vein as 7eventh Time Down you’re going to be disappointed. But if you like southern rock and blues you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Check out the lead single “Devils Neck” below and stream the EP on Apple Music and Spotify.


You may not know who Fleurie is but there’s a good chance you’ve heard her voice before. The Nashville-based artist has had her music featured in a lot of TV and movies recently (The Shape of WaterBones, and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger to name a few). She’s also appeared on songs like NF’s “Mansion” and House of Heroes’ “Crash.” Oh, and she’s written music with quite a few other artists like Sarah Reeves, Local Sound, and Cody Carnes. Despite all of that Fleurie hasn’t released a full-length album until now. You can find her debut album Portals on your music service of choice here. Watch the music video for the lead single “Constellate” below.

Forum Blue

I’d like to point our readers in the direction of this really great new project from Ray Torres called “Forum Blue”. Ray has been a tremendously talented young guy who released prior projects as “Ray Torres & The Mercy” and under his name (solo). Now he is back with more songs as Forum Blue and you can take a listen to these “home demos” right here on bandcamp (or listen below). Think Dashboard Confessional, Secondhand Serenade, Vocal Few, Hall & Oates, etc. A soulful singer with a powerful voice. If you can find his previous releases, you’re in for a real treat. Then go and spin these great songs. I’m looking forward to hearing how the songwriting progresses on future releases.

Good Luck, Ugly!

Good Luck, Ugly! is a rock band from Orange County, California. Featuring Makeshift3 drummer Eric Mattson, fans of the band and punk rock in general may find a lot to like here. Good Luck, Ugly! currently has one EP available and are working on a full-length which is set to release in September of this year. They will be performing alongside The Ataris on Monday, August 6 at Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, California, and more information about the event can be found here. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for more info and upcoming events.

Haiva ru

Haiva ru is a new indie rock band from Santa Barbara, CA featuring vocalist Allie Merrill. If that name sounds familiar it might be because of her work with Isla Vista Worship or her solo worship project under the name Allie Paige. And if it doesn’t sound familiar, you now have three artists to check out instead one. You’re welcome. The four-piece outfit released their first single “Work It on out” in the spring of 2017. The song has garnered over a quarter-million listens on Spotify to date. You can listen to the song below and find their debut EP Wildflowers on SpotifyApple Music, or wherever you get music from.

Ian Yates

If you’ve been following my weekly new release posts you’ve probably heard of Ian Yates already. If not, you’ve really been missing out. Ian Yates is an artist from Liverpool, UK who makes indie worship and alternative rock. It’s the former that doubt will interest IVM readers the most so check out his two most recent singles “Blackout” and “Belly of the Beast” below.


Everyone needs to drop what they are doing on this fine Wednesday and check out this new band Ironside. The band features former members of Fighting Jacks, Stavesacre, and Echocast (among others). They just released a couple of new songs which serve as their debut. Check out the songs below and download here (bandcamp). The songs are also available through ALL digital networks. The lyric video for “Doomsday” can be found below. Recommended for fans of: Thrice, Deftones, Incubus, Faith No More, and Failure.

My Heart Lies

We all know how fond IVM is of pop-punk, so it’s my pleasure to introduce you to yet another fine pop-punk/alt-rock band: My Heart Lies. The band hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky and consists of Michael Nichols (vocals, guitar), Jared Rosdeutscher (lead guitar), and Douglas Hurt (drums). Check out their debut album “Love and Fear” on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon MusicGoogle Play, and Bandcamp.

Off Road Minivan

Tooth and Nail recently announced the signing of a band called Off Road Minivan. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest here, and it may just be a matter of opinion, but these days I really haven’t found much coming out of Tooth & Nail that I like. In this case however, I decided to take the chance and give these guys a shot and was very glad I did.

Off Road Minivan are a band out of Red Hook, NY with a lineup that includes Fit For A King bassist, Ryan O’Leary. The guys will be releasing their debut ep later this month (2/16), titled “Spiral Gaze” and it is pretty great! Here’s a brief walkthrough. [Continue Reading]

Reckless Threat

I am bringing you news of a new band called Reckless Threat today. This Tennessee punk rock band just released their debut ep titled “The Upstart Sessions” that you can take a listen to below. Featuring former members of Neutral Agreement, Shakedown Boulevard, The Hotshot Freight Train. Their gritty take on a classic punk sound is sure to please all fans of the style of music we call “punk”. Download their debut 4 song ep for name your price (Free) below


I’d like to introduce all our readers to the incredibly powerful and aggressive punk rock sounds of Arizona’s own Reliance. Formerly known as C:28, the band just released their debut “Crashing Down Ep” through bandcamp (listen below). Make sure to like them on Facebook and look for the band to appear on IVM “Family & Friends Sampler 2” July 4th. Recommended for fans of Pennywise, Authority Zero, Rise Against, Milencollin, and No Use For a Name


Check out the really cool new sounds of independent melodic punk act ROLEMODEL. They just released their debut song titled “Fortunes” that is available on Bandcamp here. You can also listen to it below via YouTube/Bandcamp. Recommended for fans of Make Do and Mend, Hot Water Music, (old) Menzingers, Dogwood, and Rise Against.

Signal Verse Noise

Everyone needs to check out this promising new band from the great state of Oregon, Signal Versus Noise. The band recently played Joshua Fest and have a big show on August 23rd with The Ataris for that band’s “So Long Astoria” 15th Anniversary event. Their sound will please fans of Real Friends, State Champs, Anberlin, Bayside, and Capital Lights. Listen to the song “Nineteen” below and go grab their brand new album that released last month.

spoken vvorld

A talented new singer-songwriter under the name spoken vvorld has emerged from the music scene. Check out his recently released debut album through all digital networks. You can stream it below. This incredibly insightful, hopeful, and altogether moving new release is sure to please fans of: Jon Foreman, Switchfoot, My Epic, Right Away Great Captain, The Classic Crime, Vocal Few, Pedro the Lion, The Tallest Man On Earth, Adrianne Lenker, Austin Basham, Horse Feathers, and David Ramirez. You can find out more info on spoken vvorld right here at his website and check out the lyrics right here.


I am going to introduce all of you readers to the new band Snakehound right now. The band features former vocalist for The Burial and past IVM contributor – David Marshall. Their sound runs the whole map but fans of Norma Jean, Converge, Everytime I Die, and The Chariot will really find something to appreciate here. Check out their new music, below and please support by purchasing on bandcamp. Their lyrics are deeply personal and the music is explosive in nature, like a full on assault upon the senses. Their debut full length is out soon but in the meantime check out a new song below.


Everyone needs to drop what they are doing on this fine Wednesday and check out this new band Ironside. The band features former members of Fighting Jacks, Stavesacre, and Echocast (among others). They just released a couple of new songs which serve as their debut. Check out the songs below and download here (bandcamp). The songs are also available through ALL digital networks. The lyric video for “Doomsday” can be found below. Recommended for fans of: Thrice, Deftones, Incubus, Faith No More, and Failure.

Valerie Vanne

Valerie Anne is a young singer/songwriter from Latin America with an electronic dance pop style. She released her first EP, Chasing Love, last year and has continued to churn out new singles ever since. Check out her two most recent songs “Stay Now” and “Higher” below.

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Daniel J
Daniel J
January 4, 2019 5:50 pm

Thanks IVM for all the fantastic new music you’ve introduced me too over the years, many artists that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. I first discovered American Arson on this site, and they are now one of my absolute favorite bands. In 2018 you introduced me to Amongst the Giants, Census, DIRE, Eric Van Vant, Household, Off Road Minivan, Reliance, Weathered, Whale Bones, etc. So a big thank you again from Perth, Australia. I hope this site and it’s community of followers continues to grow and prosper.

Brandon J.
January 5, 2019 8:25 pm
Reply to  Daniel J

Thank you Daniel for visiting this site and giving these independent bands a fair listen. We hope you will enjoy all the great things to come this year. This is the 19th year of IVM 🙂

Benjamin Daniel
January 6, 2019 9:42 pm

That feature was a highlight of my year! Thankful for IVM for giving me so much new, unknown music the last decade, giving me a community to talk about it, and giving me a platform to put music out. Love this place.

January 13, 2019 7:55 am

“I really haven’t found much coming out of Tooth & Nail that I like.”

I agree, though that DOES include Off Road Minivan. There isn’t a single artist on T&N I enjoy these days. First Artifex album was OK, but I didn’t like the follow-up at all. Solid State is all I’ve got to look forward to with them, though there is a decent amount of talent coming from that side.

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