A Very Indie Christmas Returns From 2008 To Spread Some Holiday Cheer

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The long lost IVM compilation “A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1” has reappeared from 2008 where it remained hidden and under lock and key for 10 years. The compilation hopped in the delorean and has met us here in 2018 without disrupting the space time continuum. Great Scott! Check out the FREE compilation below. This “Christmas” comp featured a ton of bands with some Christmas tracks and some just plain ROCKIN’ songs (not all of it is Christmas music). IVM was on a roll a decade ago with free compilations where I was regularly releasing them and putting them up for free on the old site. I got old and not as much time for creating this epic music so I’ve sort of gone back to the shadows. Anyway, if you like FREE music that’ll spread some holiday cheer then check this out. Remember, it’ll only be up to January 1st then it’ll be pulled down and put back in the vault to be enjoyed at a future date. Who wants a NEW one in 2019? [Thanks to Marco for sharing these long lost songs]

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Marco Leal
December 21, 2018 12:06 pm

My pleasure, brother! Of course I wouldn’t have had them had you never had put the comp together in the first place. Thank you for doing so! And yes, I would like to see another one for 2019. Christ continue to bless you!

December 21, 2018 9:23 am

Track no 47
Rockn roll 🙂
Love it !

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