The Juliana Theory Seek Comfort in "Better Now"

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The band The Juliana Theory, are back with a brand new song titled “Better Now”. This is a follow up to their surprise come back single, “Can’t Go Home”. As is evidenced in their music videos, the band is now just 2 members – Brett Detar and Joshua Fiedler in what can best be described as a pop-rock duo. “Better Now” is an emotional and inspirational anthem perfect for 2021 about rising up through trauma and overcoming pain. While these 2 new songs may be a departure from their past emo-pop-punk sound of their prior albums that doesn’t necessarily discount their new music any. I like this song much more than the first one even though it is a very simplistic, vocal focused track. Check out the music video below and read a little bit about more about the video at the bottom (via Facebook embed). Enjoy! (Also, if you want to own the first single on Tape or some merch items, click here).

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Timo Cuoco
January 20, 2021 1:05 pm

Great band-saw them live a couple times, great show!

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