Craig's Brother - Harry Vs. Mount Saint Helens (39th Anniversary Edition of the Eruption)

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39 years ago a crotchety old fellow named Harry Truman stood his ground against the fiery fury of Mount Saint Helens and sadly met his untimely fate. This song and video is about that stubborn old man and his will to stand strong in the face of oncoming danger, of a catastrophe no man could beat. Check out the little slideshow video for the new Craig’s Brother song below along with a little quote from Ted Bond. Craig’s Brother “Devils In The Details” now available worldwide through all digital markets and streaming sites.

“One of my earliest memories from the news was a story about an old man who refused to leave Mount Saint Helens when it erupted in 1980. I have always been obsessed with volcanoes, so I guess this story just stuck with me. When I started writing this song I was like, This sounds like a going down with the ship sort of song. Then I remembered Harry Truman.” -Ted Bond (Craig’s Brother)

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