Nate Parrish - Attention Junkies (Official Lyric Video)

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Nate Parrish is the kind of artist you can’t just listen to once. In fact, you’ll be addicted upon that first listen, being drawn into that raw, yet melodic punk rock spirit Nate Parrish is keeping alive through his passions and talent. There is certainly nothing boring or bland about this music. The music he makes straddles the line between raw punk rock authenticity and a commercial sound worthy of repeated listens on radio/tv/media. Taylor Swift’s jaw drops when Nate Parrish picks up his guitar and begins singing. Check out his brand-new lyric video for “Attention Junkies” which shines a light on our self-focused and “influencing” brand of selfishness. This is legitimate punk rock and if you don’t get it, pull your head out of TikTok and truly listen to this.

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