Names Without Numbers - You Do The Talking (Lyric Video)

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Names Without Numbers return with their first NEW song of 2022. The song is titled “You Do The Talking” and it deals with issues of self doubt, social anxiety, and maintaining confidence while attempting to stay strong and dealing through the emotions. It’s a powerful track not just for subject matter but also because the music is some of the best out there. This is without a doubt one of the band’s strongest songs on record and one of my personal favorites. Check out “You Do The Talking” below.

From the band:
“Written from the perspective of an introverted person, it can be a terrifying experience to go into public and interact with people you don’t know—let alone share artistic creations, feelings, etc. Before walking into a crowded room of strangers, it can help to pull your friends aside and to say, “Okay—I’ll go—but you do the talking.”

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