Counselor - Rebuild

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Check out this new song “Rebuild” from post-hardcore band, Counselor with lyrics, below. Get both of their new songs on bandcamp for free right here.

[Lyrics to “Rebuild” by Counselor]
As I wake up, open my eyes, I see your face in the clouds.
I rise to my feet, brush the dirt off, move forward.
I can see the mountains you’ve set, and I’m ready to climb.
As the sun rises and touches down on this empty land.

I won’t back down.
I won’t stay here.
I won’t lay down.
I wont say die.

With you by my side, I won’t be afraid.
Hand in hand, you won’t leave me alone.
I know this won’t be easy, but I’m ready and i’m willing.
I’m tired of being a coward, giving up, and caving in.

As I look down from half way up, it doesn’t seem so bad. Moving forward, I can
see the sky open up. This was your plan all along, to show me what I could do. I’ve got a purpose, i found meaning in this life. This broken heart will heal. This broken heart will heal.
I will rebuild. I will rebuild. Rebuild.