Exclusive: American Arson - They Will Know Us By Our Love

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American Arson have released a lyric video for “They Will Know Us By Our Love”, the second track from their new EP, titled The Vine & The Branches, . Check it out below. Make sure to tune in to IVM this week for premieres of all the tracks! Order the album, which releases June 27th, here.  Read more about the meaning behind the song below as well.

“I’ve decided to skip ahead a bit on the EP and reveal a track with a positive message that I’m very passionate about. There are so many ways that we define ourselves these days – by our profession, our familial status, our taste in music and style, and of course, by our country of residence. While there is certainly nothing wrong with taking pride in our country, nationalism can become dangerous when it causes us to view those who live elsewhere as second-class citizens whose lives aren’t quite as important. This can make it easy to turn a blind eye to poverty and injustice around the world while we worship our own laws and system of government. But perhaps we’d be better off holding one law above all the rest: Love One Another. American Arson is proud to present, “They Will Know Us By Our Love””