Exclusive: American Arson - Battle Flag

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American Arson have released the lyric video for “Battle Flag”, the fourth and last track from the new EP, titled The Vine & The Branches. Check it out below. Make sure to tune in to IVM this week for premieres of all the tracks! Order the album, which releases June 27th, here. Read more about the meaning behind the song below as well. Stay tuned as we will have an interview with the man behind the band very soon.

The last song to be revealed is possibly the most straightforward, a song called “Battle Flag.” It revisits a theme I’ve touched many times throughout my musical career in songs like “Shipwrecked Safe & Sound” and “Firstborn” – the idea that suffering is inevitable, but that it’s the way we respond to that suffering that truly defines us.

Learning to deal with disappointment is a life-long process, and I certainly haven’t mastered the steps. But when I’m faced with hardships or difficulties, I want to be defiant, refusing to let discouragement triumph over determination. I want to be the one who isn’t afraid to embrace a winding, unorthodox path if it’s truly the one I’m meant to walk. So for this video, I thought I’d take on the role of a buccaneer flying a rebel flag… but you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean! Thanks again everyone, and please enjoy the final installment of this video series – “Battle Flag”