The Rocket Summer

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I recently had the opportunity to catch one of the select canadian dates of the headlining Rocket Summer Tour featuring: recently signed to Floodgate, Transition(Website,Myspace,Purevolume), indie rock band Daphne Loves Derby(Website,MySpace,Purevolume), and indie veteran Brandtson(Website,MySpace,Purevolume. Unfortunately Brandtson was unable to make it across the border.

Bryce Avary is the man behind The Rocket Summer, a catchy piano driven rock outfit who has put out two albums so far on the Militia Group, known for releasing a number of christian and non-christian records. His live show is, as Bryce has put it, “A Celebration”. The crowd went crazy, singing along with every line and dancing the night away. You couldn’t help but smile as Bryce came running through the crowd to take a triumphant jump on stage to start the show. He even jumped into the crowd at one point and declared it a dance floor, proceeding to show off some of his moves for the wooing crowd. Highlight request of the night, accompanied by a full crowd screaming every line, was the song “TV Family”. With lyrics like:

“One day one day I know you’ll say
‘B im so glad you made it’
‘Oh well Jesus thank you so much for saying that’
Because the truth you know is that I
Have just been hating so many things I do
But now I realize forever that you’re my friend
No matter what you will never leave me to fend”

As soon as the crowds parted I came up and asked Bryce if he’d take a few questions about his life, his faith and his music. He was more then willing, and here is what came of our conversation.

Joel IVM: Tell us your name, who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

Bryce: My name is Bryce Avary, I have a musical project called The Rocket Summer, I’m from Texas origionally, and I play music.

Joel IVM: Allright so you we’re raised in Texas then? All your life? Spent most of your time there?

Bryce: Yeah.

Joel IVM: Were you raised in a christian home?

Bryce: Kinda, yeah definately.

Joel IVM: So what brought you into music?

Bryce: I dont know, it’s just kinda been something that i’ve been obsessed with my whole life…

Joel IVM: Were you raised in a really musical family?

Bryce: No, really. Not at all. Nobody in my family is musical, except for my little sister, but as far as performing, nobody. So, it’s pretty random, meant to be I guess.

Joel IVM: So you’ve been playing all the instruments right? You’ve just picked up a band? Is this a touring band? How does that work?

Bryce: It’s kinda always been the same thing as far as a touring band.

Joel IVM: You’ve got the new album coming, you’re working on that, anything down yet?

Bryce: I don’t have anything recorded yet, but i’m going to be recording this year, so we shall see.

Joel IVM: Is anyone helping out on the writing? Or is it still just you?

Bryce: Still just me.

Joel IVM: You really have an amazing style, a passion with the group, and really seeing people come alive, really spreading the Joy. I was thinking, this is all little girls, and then I realized there was just this joy in the room, that you could feel, I thought that was great.

Bryce: Thanks man, that’s really cool.

Joel IVM: So what is the message you’d like to get across to people.

Bryce. … Hope.

Joel IVM: Somehow with watching you, just the contrast, here walking in downtown Montreal, with decrepit society and then seeing something like that, it’s just really a contrast. I really appreciate that.

Bryce: Wow, cool. Thanks, man. That means a lot.

Joel IVM: So what was it like working with Militia Group, and now you’ve ‘gone big’, any changes?

Bryce: Well Militia is cool, and been really fortunate to get to work with Island/Def Jam now on the new record, going to wait to see what happens. I’m really excited about it, they’re really awesome people, and we’ll just see what happens. It’s going to be nice to make a record and not be staring at the watch ’cause of studio time money, or borrowing money or sleeping on the floor somewhere. It’s just going to be really nice.

Joel IVM: So how was the Canadian tour?

Bryce: It was really awesome. Canada is beautiful, and the people are more beautiful.

Joel IVM: Any closing remarks anything you want to say to anybody?

Bryce: Well, just thanks so much, I appreciate it. Let’s be friends anyone who hears this.

The Rocket Summer is touring across the nation now and will be taking time off after that to complete thier third record on Island/Def Jam.

Check it out!

The Rocket Summer

Allright guys there’s my first interview ever. Not bad for doing it on the spot.

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