Southbound Fearing

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I had the honor of having a little email interview with Brady Leonard from Southbound Fearing, One of Red Cord Records newer bands set to release their debut Self-titled full length August 2nd.

Now your album comes out August 2nd, how was the writing/recording process like?
The recording process was a lot different than in the past, we took basically three months off of the road just to write and we had about 20 songs to pick from when it came time to record. We tracked the record at our label’s studio in Rockford IL and recording was very smooth and natural, we took our time and made sure we were getting the sounds we wanted. Also our producer gave us a lot of freedom in the studio to call the shots and try different things we wanted to do which was very exciting for me.

How can you describe your sound to somebody who has never heard of you guys before?
Well I know every band says this haha but I do think we have a sort of unique sound, we try to mix it up and do different things but I suppose you could compare our style to Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Anberlin, Sanctus Real, Blindside…somewhere in there.

What are some of the influences that can be heard on the record?
We all listen to all kinds of different stuff and I can only speak for myself but I listen to and am inspired by such a wide range of artists, some of my personal favorite bands are The Smashing Pumpkins, Jars of Clay, Polarboy, Blindside, Bleach, Further Seems Forever. Not sure if those influences come through in our songs or not…I listen to a lot of old music too, some jazz, blues, a lot of worship music as well. It might be strange but I think our music is influenced very little by what me and the guys are listening to at the time.

How is the music scene where you guys come from?
What music scene? Haha We’re from Toledo OH and the music scene here has seemed to have really died down in recent years.

Where can you pick up your self-titled recording?
Our album will be available in stores across the country, also on iTunes, Amazon (any other sites that sell music) and of course at our shows.

Any last words?
Make sure you “like” us on facebook and follow us on twitter, if you talk to us we always talk back! We’ll be on tour constantly as well so come out to a show and say hi!