Author: Elbon

July 7, 2008

REVIEW : My Epic Tour Part 2

So much has gone on since I have last posted. You can say it’s been a roller coaster ride this past week. At times things seem to be going so well then we run into some struggles. There have also been times where I can honestly say I have witnessed miracles. After our Jacksonville show we met up with old friends of Aaron at an Ihop where we just chilled and showed some old friends the new record till about midnight. Then it was time to hit the road again, we were heading to Keystone Heights to lead a camp in worship for a whole week.… Continued →

June 22, 2008

REVIEW : My Very Epic Tour Day 1

3/20/08- Day 1 of tour had started and I was already really tired from staying up late with Jesse the previous night just talking and finishing up putting seats and seatbelts in the  van. Thursday was a busy day where we worked nonstop on the van. Jeremiah and his girlfriend Meggie worked all day making a raised platform in the back of the van so we could put a futon on and have a bed (which really came in handy for Aaron who loves to read and sleep.)… Continued →

May 16, 2008

REVIEW : So Long Forgotten - Beneath Our Noble Heads

Artist: So Long Forgotten Album Title: Beneath Our Noble Heads Reviewed by: Elbon Sprouse So Long Forgotten is a band that I fell in love with after seeing them for the first time last November with As Cities Burn. I must say just by talking to these guys I could tell they were amazing guys with hearts for the lost and praising God. Beneath Our Noble Heads is for fans of As Cities Burn, Manchester Orchestra, Mewithoutyou, and even Thrice. It’s also very diverse in the sense of being dark in some songs and being straight forward lyrically to moving into a upbeat folk feel that just has you praising God through lyrics and music!… Continued →