Author: Elbon

July 7, 2008

REVIEW : My Epic Tour Part 2

So much has gone on since I have last posted. You can say it’s been a roller coaster ride this past week. At times things seem to be going so well then we run into some struggles. There have also been times where I can honestly say I have witnessed miracles.… Continued →

June 22, 2008

REVIEW : My Very Epic Tour Day 1

3/20/08- Day 1 of tour had started and I was already really tired from staying up late with Jesse the previous night just talking and finishing up putting seats and seatbelts in the  van. Thursday was a busy day where we worked nonstop on the van. Jeremiah and his girlfriend Meggie worked all day making a raised platform in the back of the van so we could put a futon on and have a bed (which really came in handy for Aaron who loves to read and sleep.)… Continued →

May 16, 2008

REVIEW : So Long Forgotten - Beneath Our Noble Heads

Artist: So Long Forgotten Album Title: Beneath Our Noble Heads Reviewed by: Elbon Sprouse So Long Forgotten is a band that I fell in love with after seeing them for the first time last November with As Cities Burn. I must say just by talking to these guys I could tell they were amazing guys with hearts for the lost and praising God.… Continued →