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My Very Epic Tour Day 1

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3/20/08- Day 1 of tour had started and I was already really tired from staying up late with Jesse the previous night just talking and finishing up putting seats and seatbelts in the  van. Thursday was a busy day where we worked nonstop on the van. Jeremiah and his girlfriend Meggie worked all day making a raised platform in the back of the van so we could put a futon on and have a bed (which really came in handy for Aaron who loves to read and sleep.) Friday has now come and we had to get up early to go pick up the merch and all the stuff from the practice space. Thats when we realized we had an infestation of earwigs and ants in the trailor. We had nothing to kill them with so we just kept spraying them with Febreze which actually worked. When we left the practice space we ended up meeting up with the guys girlfriends and just other great friends from the community at the waffle house. We ate and just hung out and said our goodbyes and were off on the road. We arrived in Georgia after 5 hours of driving to do a show with our new buddies Ocean is Theory. We arrived at the venue early which happend to be First Baptist Church in Woodstock which is one of the top 100 biggest churches in the United States. This church was huge so to waste time we went to the gym the church had and played four square and basketball. After getting tired from all of that we all wanted to see the inside of this huge church. We checked every door on the first floor except 2 doors thinking they would be locked, then we headed to the second floor where every door was locked, and same with the third floor. We went back down to the first floor just to see if those doors were unlocked and by some miracle they were. “We entered the core”, as  I said, when we went in. For some reason Aaron thought that was hilarious. Jeremiah also came up with the brilliant and hilarious idea that someone should change all the lights to the clap on lights so when people are at church and started clapping it would be like a rave and no one would know what was going on. I think we laughed a good hard 5 minutes on that one thinking about peoples reactions. Anyways, the show was amazing of course, but what was funny was my buddy Joel (who is on this tour and also works for IVM) and I kept mistaking the “scene” guys for girls. At the end of the day what really grabbed me  and was awesome was just staying at Josh’s house (lead singer of Ocean Is Theory) and just him and his family opening their house to people they have never met and being just so friendly and awesome to us meant alot. I guess I am just not used to this because I have never been on tour, but its great there are people that are out there who care about the ministry this band truly is and that they would do anything to help a bunch of smelly bearded guys fulfill that ministry. That was preety much it from our busy first day of tour and what I learned, but I am sure there are tons of more stories to tell coming up for the rest of this tour.


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