Album Review :
So Long Forgotten - Beneath Our Noble Heads

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Artist: So Long Forgotten

Album Title: Beneath Our Noble Heads

Reviewed by: Elbon Sprouse

So Long Forgotten is a band that I fell in love with after seeing them for the first time last November with As Cities Burn. I must say just by talking to these guys I could tell they were amazing guys with hearts for the lost and praising God.

Beneath Our Noble Heads is for fans of As Cities Burn, Manchester Orchestra, Mewithoutyou, and even Thrice. It’s also very diverse in the sense of being dark in some songs and being straight forward lyrically to moving into a upbeat folk feel that just has you praising God through lyrics and music!

Musically Beneath Our Noble Heads is epic and beautiful. The guitar work reminds me alot of As Cities Burn which is beautiful yet has a dark feel to it. I also love the strings in this album they are present in almost every song which gives it a real indie and earthy sound to it which brings out the Manchester Orchestra in this band.

Vocals at first I am not going to lie took me some time getting used to. They are very unique so it had to take some time to grow on me. Micah the lead vocalist will scream/yell emotionally throughout this album to emphasize his message in certain lyrics which really grabs me emotionally.

Overall I would give this album a 8.5 out of 10. I give it this rating because this album has a feel of so many bands that I love and that I listed above. So Long Forgotten isn’t among those great bands yet, but I believe I have found a “Diamond in the Rough” with this band and soon they will be.

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