Song of the Day: (Un)Worthy - Heavy Worship

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This metal band has a no holds barred evangelism message & do not waver the Christian label. This tune is like a lyrical theme song to every Christian band’s message. Check out these lyrics & the reason behind the song.

What better place than here
What better time than now
Every tongue will confess
And every knee shall

We preach a message of love
They shake their fists in the air
Our light shines in the darkness
It’s no wonder they’re scared

I can hear them curse His name
I feel spit hit my face
Religion shoved down their throats
They never experienced grace

This crowd is our congregation
And this stage is our pulpit
Others think this is noise
We’re praising God with heavy worship

Other Christians can’t seem to get it
They’ve shut themselves off from the truth
They won’t reach out to the least of these
But this is what I was called to do

Let them feel Your love
See Your face
Hear Your Word
Know Your name

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