Song of the Day: The New Presidents - Arabian Nights

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This obscure little band, while relatively unknown, has ties to some more connected acts. They only released one 4-song 12″ EP before breaking up and/or morphing into other acts. The most well-known member was Robert Vaughn, previously of RV and the Hubcaps, and who went on to play with Gloryhouse, Southside Blades of Eden (Broken Records), and most notably Robert Vaughn and the Shadows.

RV and the Shadows was essentially the New Presidents line-up with a different name and slightly more mainstream style. Where The New Presidents dabbled in new wave and post-punk, The Shadows went full into power pop. What’s so cool about Stand for Change is that despite being this incarnation (or moniker) of the band’s only recording, it was incredibly fresh and relevant for its time. The new wave meets power pop sound was contemporary with mainstream acts like The Plimsouls and The Romantics, but also preceded others like Dramarama.

While the band was never preachy, there is clear Christian imagery in the artwork and songs, and the latter incarnation of the band was label mates with the Seventy Sevens (incidentally both were on Exit Records AND Island Records). While I couldn’t find an isolated track for “Arabian Nights,” here is the full EP for your listening pleasure.

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