Song of the Day: The Awful Truth - Ghost of Heaven

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The Awful Truth–the best band that (almost) never was! In the late 80s I was huge into King’s X and what would soon become known as the “Houston sound.” It was part progressive metal, part groove, part rock, and lots of harmonies thrown in. I’d started hearing about this new band (at the time) called The Awful Truth, who had recorded their debut album for mainstream Metal Blade Records, and sadly broke up before it even came out. In fact, by the time the album was released, two thirds of The Awful Truth had formed a new band with two other members, the now-legendary Galactic Cowboys, increasing that groovy-metallic Houston Sound to yet another band.

Although signed to the notorious Metal Blade Records (famous for releasing albums by Slayer, Fates Warning, Voivod and about a bajillion others), the eponymous album featured blatant yet poetic lyrics expressing a sincere Christian faith. “Ghost of Heaven” is a key example:

High above the highest star
Songs of You the angels sing
Only You could fill my heart
Only You could bring me where You are

Ghost of Heaven, hear my plea
Holy voice, won’t you–speak to me?

While the band only released the one album as The Awful Truth, it is definitely worth seeking out. Consider it the lesser-known, little brother of the more famous, more prolific Galactic Cowboys.

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