Song of the Day: Krig - Throw Your Pistol Away

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Brazilian death metallers Krig have been making Christ-centered metal since 2007. The band formed in their native Belo Horizonte in southeastern Brazil, and release their technical and brutal Feed Me independently in 2007. They proceeded to release three more albums across the next 6 years, culminating in some of the strongest Christian metal by any band from any continent, and especially from their home country.

Some members have since relocated to Canada, making it difficult to keep creating music as a whole. But members have been involved in other projects as well. Guitarist Isaque Soares has recorded a total of 4 solo albums, mostly in the instrumental prog rock category. Drummer Vinicius Soares recorded an album with grindcore band Expurgo. Vocalist Daniel Corpse recorded a phenomenal black metal album with Mercy. And bassist Jully Soares also recorded an EP as a member of Sabbatariam.

While all of the band’s albums were originally released independently (perhaps a clue as to why they’ve remained Christian metal’s best kept secret), fortunately they were all re-released in 2020 in addition to some live material. And further to the point Rottweiler Records released a few singles of the band in 2021, culminating in a full-length just last year.

If you’re a fan of extreme metal at all, and especially brutal/technical/progressive death metal, you really owe it to yourself to check this band out. Heavier than an 18-wheeler, complicated arrangements (what kind of time signatures are they even using?!?), and really tasty chord choices are combined with lyrics that show their progressive politics and Christianity coming through their Brazilian context make for a very interesting listen indeed!

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