Song of the Day: Kim Boyce - Facts of Love

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I’ll probably catch some flack for this one, but hey, this song is a rocker. Kim Boyce was known in the CCM industry & was all over AC radio. But, when you’re a kid & your parents make you listen to only AC Christian music, you would get excited for a rock song on the radio!  Songs like this help me remember my childlike faith. This was 1992. Anyways, hope y’all like it & check out these lyrics. Reminds me of being on fire for Jesus which I have lost a lot of it tbh over the years and day to day life is an ever consistent reminder of the love of Jesus.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived
Before You came my way
There’s something different ’bout Your love
It feels like thunder’s runnin’ through my veins
Like some kind of miracle’s happening
Taking me up higher than I’ve ever been
There’s a start a fire burnin’ deep within
Think I must be learnin’

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October 2, 2022 2:32 pm

What’s next? Point of Grace? lol

Castle Rock
Castle Rock
October 13, 2022 3:29 pm

Hey man. You do you! There’s nothing wrong with appreciating good music of all styles. Of course, I don’t have many in my circle of friends that listen to the genre variety I do. But, it’s all good. I listen to almost all genres depending on the mood or iTunes playlist shuffle. And, the best way to stay “steadfast” is to daily feed yourself with the Word, find a good church or small group where you can be consistently encouraged and edified, and accountability friend or group (iron sharpens iron). Also, keep in mind, sometimes that fire has to be… Read more »

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