Song of the Day: E.D.L. (Every Day Life) - Endurance

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Every Day Life, commonly known as E.D.L., was an early innovator in the rap-core scene, fusing hip-hop and hardcore into something new, several years before it morphed into nu metal and became ubiquitous on rock radio.

The band came from Southern California, and while musically innovative (our featured track also has a slight nod to industrial), they were also not afraid to touch controversial subjects in their lyrics, especially those related to racial relations in the United States, and other social topics and justice-related issues. Their debut album cover featured a scene from the L.A. riots that erupted after the infamous Rodney King verdict was delivered.

EDL signed to Alarma Records on the strength of their live show and demo cassette “Every Day Life” issued in 1994. Their label debut was entitled Disgruntled and released through Alarma in 1996. Along with their San Diego-based counterparts P.O.D., they helped pave the way for a much larger and broader rapcore/rap metal/nu metal scene that was beginning to emerge (along with secular heavyweights Rage Against the Machine and many others).

They released four albums before calling it quits in the early 2000s. Choose one song from their deep catalog is difficult, but we had to start somewhere! “Endurance” is taken from their third album Moment of Clarity.

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