Song of the Day: Cast in Stone - You Can't Hold Me Back

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Cast in Stone was a hardcore band from California, who recorded their first cassette demo in 1998. Their early material was that old school meets new school subgenre sometimes called “tough guy hardcore.” It’s no surprise then that some of the members also did stints in Sleeping Giant, xDEATHSTARx, mainstream Bleeding Through, Point of Recognition and hardcore supergroup Dodgin’ Bullets.

They recorded an EP for indie Warfare Records in 2000, a 3-way split release with Point of Recognition and Torn in Two for Facedown in 2001, and then a final cassette demo in 2001. Their later material was becoming increasingly more metallic as they went, infusing elements of metalcore and death metal into their sound, while retaining a -core foundation.

“You Can’t Hold Me Back” comes from their Warfare debut Life on Trial.

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