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This band was awesome imho. The early days of Christian hxc bands had met their match with this phenomenal cd The Road Less Travelled. Songs like Congruent, Purify, Slip, & Steadfast are just pummeling.  It was like a breach of hxc w/ metalcore. Myk Porter & Matt Traxler went to to form an awesome emo band called Brandston (whom I got to see live several years ago) after but the band got its start in 91 in Ohio. I have always thought this is one of the best metal instrumentals of all time. And ABR does some spine chilling ones.

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Mark K
Mark K
May 31, 2022 6:48 am

Love these guys! Thanks for bringing this back up. I’ll have to bust this album out today.

Funny thing about the youtube video is that’s my old channel. I uploaded these. 🙂

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