Have you heard of Ten On Sunday?

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We’re starting a new article posting here at IVM entitled “Have you heard of…?” showcasing lesser or unknown Christian artists of new and old. The idea was set in motion with an article we did on a Christian thrash metal band out of Brazil which happens to be named Herd. We’ll see if this takes off, but please feel free to give us your feedback as well.

Today’s artist is Ten On Sunday. I unfortunately don’t know a lot about this band, but the music is so good, it has to be shared. I can tell you this much, this band had a heart for Christ while they were active as it appears they broke up in the mid to late 2010’s.

Upon listening to their music I am reminded of Rufio, Broken Cedars, and Average Joe Aspiring. Fans of these artists, I feel, will really like Ten On Sunday. They have made their “Somethings Not Forgotten” album available for a “name your price” download here: Ten On Sunday “Somethings Not Forgotten”

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Enjoy and Christ bless you!

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