Have you heard of Knuckle Sucker?

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Knuckle Sucker are a 3 piece doxilogical punk collective out of Huntsville, Alabama. Self described as a bunch of dudes trying to start a punk rock reformation from their garages. FFO: Loose End, Pocket Change, Preach it Ray Ray!, Relient K, Slick Shoes, and MxPx.

They believe that all music should be for the glory of God, as all things should be, and the faster and louder, the better! They recently had their song “Home” featured on Thumper Punk‘s United We Skate, Vol. 6 taken from their 5 song “Alien Righteousness” ep. You can listen to and purchase the ep down below from their bandcamp and/or itunes or amazon.

Enjoy, Stay safe, and Christ bless you!

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David TPR
David TPR
November 10, 2020 10:37 pm

Big yes! Awesome band and good dudes too.

Ben R
Ben R
November 12, 2020 5:33 am

Checked this out yesterday. Bought it today. Great recommendation. Thank you!

Zach from Knuckle Sucker
Zach from Knuckle Sucker
November 12, 2020 7:11 am


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