Dreaming of Reunions...

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You wake up in the morning and take care of your usual business. After you’ve gotten yourself going, you take  your phone out and check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whichever and start scrolling. A minute or two later, you come across the news you’ve been eagerly waiting to hear, but doubted you ever would. A reunion tour featuring 2-4 bands you had hoped to see reunite, but never thought it would actually happen. So…who are they?

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18 Comments on "Dreaming of Reunions..."

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Spirit-filled HC Tour
xDisciplex A.D.


I could do another Life In Your Way album too.

Man, so many bands that I would love to see put out new music. Already been blessed with the new Hopesfall- (album of the year for me- just fantastic- check it out) Here are a few in alphabetical order for me that I wish would put out new music… Abel- their last album “Make it Right” was wonderful- wish they kept making music Anathallo- one of the greatest groups ever! Beloved- yes, i agree with you others on that one Edison Glass- love their Time is Fiction album Emodyment- I enjoyed their move to more rock sound (Songs for the… Read more »

new answer:

-Blaster the Rocketman
-The Chariot

Livin sac
6 feet deep

Did you know that Unashamed offers their “Reflection” and “Silence” releases here for free? https://unashamedhc.bandcamp.com/

There are a few bands I never got to see before they called it quits or just found out about them after they did so. They are as follows: Call To Preserve, The Forerunner, Face Value, Freeto Boat, Me and the Trinity, Nailed Promise, Noggin Toboggan, Outer Circle, Paperweight, Sick of Change, Strongarm, Thirtyseven, and Under Cities. If you haven’t heard of some or any of these bands, do yourself a favor and check them out!


My dream is to wake up to no reunions.
Obviously hypocritical because I’m going to see As Cities Burn in Mobile and they reunited…

Dead Poetic all the way!


Maylene and the Sons of Disaster if only to see Dallas well enough to be back on the stage. Miss those guys so much.

Also, Bleach.


The. Chariot.



Dig Hay Zoose

Jeb St. George

I just lived this dream- first trip out to California, took a surf lesson at Huntington Beach, had my first In and Out (full animal, twice) then Crumbacher supporting the Altar Boys, House of Blues Anaheim!

Rob Gagliardi



Yes yes yes.


Bloody Sunday
Point of Recognition
Symphony in Peril
A Plea For Purging


Symphony in Peril! Excellent choice!