Apple Puts an End to the iPod Classic

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Apple quietly put an end to the (much loved) iPod Classic this past week. As you can see in their official store, it is no longer available for sale. That doesn’t mean you can’t find it for sale on sites like eBay, but for the rest of us I think we can safely say… RIP. I am very much still a user of the iPod Classic since that is the connection my car uses, so for me it’s just simple. What do the rest of you use for your music collections? How do you “stream” or listen to your music? What will you do years from now when the “iPod” is finally put to rest and only “Streaming” devices are available? On a side note, it was announced this week that the new iPhone(s) for you Apple aficionados, will have storage up to 128GB (for a high premium). -BrandonIVM