Phinehas – thegodmachine

By Joshua Clark on July-13-2011 | Filed under Memorial Day Essay.

Phinehas – thegodmachine
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4.5 (46 votes)

Band: Common Core Essay.

Title: thegodmachine

Label: Research Paper No Plagerism.

Release Date: July 19th 2011

Reviewer: Joshua Clark


  1. thegodmachine: The Speaking Stone
  2. Bad Blood
  3. A Pattern In Pain
  4. I Am the Lion
  5. From One End of the Sky to the Other
  6. Legacy
  7. Crowns
  8. The Wishing Well
  9. My Horses Are Many
  10. Grace Disguised by Darkness
  11. Pendulum
  12. thegodmachine: The Rider
  13. That I May Love You

Phinehas is a five-piece metalcore band out of California that was recently signed to Red Cord Records.  I had no idea what to expect with this album and any expectations I had were completely blown away. Phinehas is a band that went from being a band I had never heard of, to being one that I can’t get enough of.

Even though I would consider myself a fan of metalcore, for the most part it is so hard anymore to find something fresh in this genre that really takes me by surprise. I went into this album thinking it’s just going to be another metalcore release that may have a few good songs but it won’t be anything special. I was simply floored at what I heard.

Musically, Phinehas’s sound is As I Lay Dying fused with Haste The Day. I couldn’t get any happier having a sound that is a combination of those two, since both of those bands are two of my favorites. Phinehas know how to make some solid metalcore. These guys experiment enough with the typical formulaic metalcore sound, making just enough subtle changes that they rise above many other bands in the genre. The guitars are outstanding, the dueling guitars on this album that blew me away with the excellent riffs and solos. The drumming while not as noticeable to me as the guitar work is still well above average. I think the guys have a ton of emotion in what they are playing, which shows up in both the melodic/ light moments and the gritty, heavier parts. There are some great breakdowns on this album that are well placed. They become extremely enjoyable here since they are well done and are used sparingly, which makes the impact that much greater. The production on this album is extremely tight. The band has their light moments clean and clear while leaving plenty of grit for their pummeling onslaught featured on the rest of the album.

Vocally, these guys are great. Sean McCulloch has a diverse and impressive scream that left me very pleased.  A surprise for some may be the amount of clean vocals that are included on this album. Some may wish for just the screaming and think that the clean vocals make the band “too soft.” I think the clean vocals fit in perfectly and sound great. Which adds a whole other dimension to the band’s sound as they contrast against the screaming and gives those who want a break from the screaming enough of a reprieve.

The lyrics are clearly Christ-focused and are the entire focus of the album. The lyrics from the band are captivating and are loaded with some great imagery. There is a lot to dive into and take away from the band’s message.

Overall: If you are looking for a new metalcore band that actually stands out from the over saturated mass of metalcore bands, you need to check these guys out. They are technical, experimental, and just know how to put together some great music. This album marks my first review that has received a 10 on this site and I think this album rightfully deserves such a score. Is everyone going to agree with me? Probably not, but I have listened to this album enough in the past couple months and cannot see a reason why this album doesn’t deserve a 10. I find myself enjoying this release more and more after each new listen. I have not been this excited about a new bands music from any genre as much as Phinehas’s for a long time. This album is strong from start to finish and is one of the strongest debut’s I have recently seen. These guys have a ton of talent and the potential to make some incredible music as they progress in their career. Phinehas has released an amazing collection of music and has been one of my favorite albums so far this year. If you love any type of heavy music you need to go out and get this album.

Phinehas - thegodmachine, 4.5 out of 5 based on 46 ratings Good Way To Start An Essay.

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125 Responses to 'Phinehas – thegodmachine'

  1. You do realize the ties between Haste the Day and Phineas, right?

  2. Mitch Emerick says:

    Scotty actually wrote the songs for the album but the new guitarist Jason put his own little twist on it. In my opinion Phinehas use to sound a lot more like Haste the Day till Jason joined. There are some similar sounds but not as much.

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  4. taborrr says:

    Those samples sound amazing. Can’t wait for next week!

  5. iskelly87 says:

    This cd will probably be my album of the year.

  6. CellarGore says:

    I’m running out of money.

  7. CellarGore says:

    After listening to the previews, I think I might have to pass on this as a whole. The cleans seem like they would irritate me.

  8. sammyiammy says:

    More genericore. Greeeeat.

    • Brandon says:

      Seriously, this is far from “genericore” and I would know that because I usually can’t stand that stuff. There is just something different from this release that stands apart from the pack and makes it truly special. Sure it’s on a small “indie” label, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a great piece of music. For a debut by a band most people have never heard of on a small label most people have never heard of, this is quite impressive!

  9. dacheat says:

    Can’t wait for my preorder to get in. I refuse to listen to the song previews though because I want to album to be 100% fresh to me (aside from the two I’ve already heard off of it).

    Hopefully it’ll get here Saturday like Hands’ did.

  10. Jamey says:

    Doesn’t one of your staff work for that label? Is there a possibility that the score reflects your relationship with him? In the words of the great Arsenio Hall, “These are things that make you go Hmmmmm.”

    • dacheat says:

      Well hmm… Is it possible that this is actually a great record or that the reviewer has a different opinion than you?

      I’ve only heard two songs off of this and one of them is my favorite song so far this year so I agree with the review 100%. This is fantastic music.

    • Brandon says:

      Oh brother here we go again. Didn’t I just write a “Staff Blog” like yesterday detailing our reviews policies and everything? Anyway, Steve now works for Red Cord as of the past couple of months. Steve would never review a Red Cord album for IVM. Lately there has been an increasing number of “conspiracy theorists” around IVM and I am not sure if it’s just one person or what but it’s getting annoying. Come on people, this is not a business and no one is getting paid here (except for a couple of small ads here and there). We all have real jobs and make money outside of IVM on a Mon-Fri basis. No one has ever in the history of IVM asked me to give them a “good” score for their release. No one has “influenced” mine our anyone else’s decisions ever. In fact, I hardly ever hype an album unless I listen to it entirely myself first. I wont even feature a band on this website unless I hear their album all the way through on my own. If you or anyone else would like to talk about this, please send me an email and i would be happy to discuss it in detail.

    • I make money outside of IVM on a “my work schedule changes from week to week and I usually work the weekends.” I wish I had weekends off.

    • BMer says:

      probably the same reason other Red Cord bands get 10/10… oh wait a second

  11. dacheat says:

    He Joshua what’s your favorite song off the album?

    • Joshua Clark says:

      I’d have to say my top three at the moment are “I Am The Lion” “My Horses Are Many” and ‘The Wishing Well.” So many good songs on this album though.

  12. Mitch Emerick says:

    Its an awesome album for sure but there are things that need some kind of improvement. But it is for sure one of the most solid debut records I have heard in a real long time.

  13. dacheat says:

    Gahh… I’m so close to caving and listening to the clips.

  14. Dustin says:

    Been following these guys since their EP, excited that they made the next step and put out a record of good quality. Red Cord has been drawing my attention, I’ll probably pick up both this and APU’s To Those Perishing.

  15. Ryan Hayes says:

    Anyone who says this record is “not” good or is generic is out of there minds. This is an incredible release! Love this band and love the dudes in it even more.

  16. Len says:

    This band has talent. Nuff said.

  17. Mitch Emerick says:

    Jordan J, I believe the story is that grant wrote the ep then him and scotty wrote songs for the album but then grant left and scotty finished it. Not that this is up for debate Haha.

  18. Dan S. says:

    I think this is the only metalcore release this year that I am truly excited for.
    I can’t get enough of the tracks I’ve heard so far. This is seriously some great stuff.
    I def. wanna pick this up next week!

  19. Jared says:

    Too bad I don’t have enough finances… Already spent way too much on music this year. Why did all the good ones have to come out the same year?

  20. dacheat says:

    I want this now. If I hold a label member for ransom do you guys think I can get it?

    /totally serious post

  21. taras91 says:

    i am so buying this!

  22. Loren Wade says:

    I had my doubts, but this album is amazing. Truly.

    And to be honest, I am quite surprised they weren’t picked up by a larger label.

  23. Travis Aker says:

    This album is awesome

  24. Steve says:

    Anyone got their pre-orders yet?

  25. BMer says:

    the songs are pretty long too, 7/13 tracks over 4:30, definitely a good investment.

    for comparison sake, Onward to Olympas – 11 tracks (33 minutes), Phinehas 13 tracks (50 minutes). lots of metal here. i really liked “Bad Blood” and “The Rider”

  26. dacheat says:

    Red Cord told me that they do not negotiate with terrorists. I guess I’ll go ahead and release the Red Cord rep now and wait for my preorder to show up like a normal person.

  27. iSkelly87 says:

    I got my pre-order today! Did anyone else?

    • Yup, i finaly got my “pre- orda” 2day also, lol. Anyway, i prety much agree wit this review, altho i probly wuda given it a 9. This just goes 2 show that talent, dedication+ perseverance pay off in the end, since they hav been around 4 10 years now, lol.

      Fun phinehas fact #1: “I Am the Lion” originaly apeared on the ivm comp “songs 2 slay the dragons, vol 2” almost 2 years ago, lol.

      Fun phinehas fact #2: The promo stika that i got wit the cd sez: “featurin the song: voice 2 the wilin”, wich i dont c anywer on the traklistin, lol. If anybody has any inside info on this mistake, feel free 2 let us know wth happened.

      Fun phinehas fact #3: Much like brandon did wit my epic years ago, i was in talx wit phinehas 2 join the TSR rosta wen we actualy had bands on the label+ a “budget” 2 work wit, lol. It obviously worked out 4 them since my “budget” is prety much non- existant now+ they got on a label that is distributed by victory, lol. I also booked em in sd years ago, and i can tel u ther live show is just as intense as this cd is!!

    • David M says:

      That’s awesome to hear, Phil. Love seeing stuff like that work out. I still haven’t given these guys much of a listen, but I will soon. I just found an old Beloved demo so I’m set for a while, hahaha.

    • Word. Lol, nice. Hook a brotha up wit this “beloved demo” u speak of, lol. Is it unreleased songs?

    • David M says:

      It’s their first actual album.

      Email me at and I’ll forward it to you. It’s definitely interesting. I’m enjoying it, though.

    • Im a dumy, i actualy got it erly since it tecnicaly duznt come out til tue, lol. Skely had a rite 2 b surprised, lol.

    • David M,

      Lol, ok, i wil hit u up on gchat then.

  28. Does the band have any website or anything I can go to? I cannot find ANYTHING out about this band… I couldn’t even find them on Red Cord Records’ site!

  29. iSkelly87 says:

    Yea the red core site is in the process of being remade. You can go to the bands facebook an see their store and listen to music

  30. thruchristalone777 says:

    I ordered this off of amazon today. I am pretty excited to get it.

  31. iSkelly87 says:

    Fact #2 answer:

    The song titles for a past unknown and Phinehas got mixed up. Voice to the Willing is a song by A Past Unknown and their cd says Featuring “I am the Lion”

  32. dacheat says:

    Just got home to find this on the table. Listening now. :D

  33. Jordan Marsh says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR YEARS SINCE I STUMBLED ACROSS THEM ON MYSPACE! SO EXCITED! Glad you all are giving it high ratings; I already know it will be a 11/10 for me. This… and, the new ABR just came out and it is way better than I could’ve ever hoped for… thanks, God!

  34. TheDestroyer68 says:

    Super bummed that I couldn’t pre-order this. Definitely will buy ASAP though. I’m being tortured having to wait though

  35. dacheat says:

    My least favorite part of the album is that it came with a bunch of Victory propaganda. Including a sampler with three These Hearts songs on it…

    • Topher3519 says:

      care to explain what you mean when you say “a bunch of Victory propaganda”???

    • dacheat says:

      I don’t remember all of it, but I remember getting a little booklet with like 50 pages of Victory bands merch, and a sampler CD that had Corpus Christi and Close Your Eyes on it, but otherwise just a bunch of crappy scene bands. Oh, and I got a These Hearts flyer.

      They’re really pushing hard to get people to buy the These Hearts CD…

      Oh, and by Victory I mean the label.

    • Topher3519 says:

      wow. that’s all I have to say to that.

    • dacheat says:

      I threw it all away haha. Actually, I cut the sampler CD into pieces and then threw it away haha.

    • Godzola says:

      I was like totally into Design the Skyline, but then I heard These Hearts. They are so super good.

  36. Steve says:

    stoked for this release

  37. Dustin Higginbotham (bloodyghost777) says:

    Haha!!! I got mine in the mail already!!!!! It’s sick!!!! Wearing the shirt nowxD

  38. silentthunder89 says:

    I bought mine on Itunes a few minutes before midnight. I definitely wish I had pre-ordered this, as it is completely worth it! I’m only about half way through the album and my face is in a puddle on the floor!! XD

  39. taborrr says:

    Just got it on iTunes. I will be picking up a physical copy of this later this week though. This album is awesome!!!! It really is Metalcore at it’s finest!

  40. taras91 says:

    I agree with the statement above “This isn’t metalcore…it’s so much more lol”

    so true. the album came out on itunes 3 hours ago and i just bought it. sounds amazing. go buy this right now and dont look at the price!

  41. Jared says:

    I broke down and bought it… Should be the last CD I buy for myself the rest of the year, but so far… glad I did! This is what I love about metal: GUITAR SOLOS!!!!!

  42. Brandon says:

    Whoa, 90 comments so far and they are mostly positive. So I guess you guys all pretty much agree with my first assessment of this album a few weeks ago? Was I right?

    • dacheat says:

      No, you’re just a biased hype machine. :P

      But no really the album is amazing. The best metal release this year so far.

    • Brandon says:

      But see that’s where you are wrong. Nobody floated me any money to “hype” the Phinehas album. Now if you came to IVM and there was top to bottom wallpaper ads showcasing the new album and bright flashy graphics that leapt at your screen telling you to buy the album with a quote from Brandon at IVM then we’d have some real bias. I actually had this album even earlier but sat on it for a good month before I started listening to it due to my grandparents passing. Once I gave it an honest complete listen and realized it was going to be an underrated release I just had to say something, thus the hype began. I know you are just being sarcastic though but I want people to understand the truth. How many Red Cord releases have I personally hyped on the site? Not too many. This is the first one that I am truly excited about. PS if you really want to go after me for bias I am surprised no one has said I have overhyped Tooth & Nail releases in the past during our 6 years on the net as a webzine ;)

  43. David Green says:

    Wow…. I normally never listen to anything this heavy (don’t hate me, I’m trying to ease myself into heavier and heavier stuff) but this actually sounds fantastic to me. I decided to give it a try because I have REALLY been loving the Wolves at the Gate EP that came out earlier this year so I thought maybe this wouldn’t be too heavy for me. I guess I may have been right. I’m surprised because this makes two bands off Red Cord Records that I’m excited about when I hadn’t even heard of them until like a week ago when I started listening to some stuff off the upcoming Southbound Fearing album. I’m actually pretty pumped for that album, it sounds pretty good to me. Is anyone else a fan of Southbound Fearing?

  44. I mite hafta get those 3 old trax on ther ep now, lol.

  45. Based on all the comments, I guess I should give this a listen??? hehe

  46. Chris says:

    The clean vocals are too whiny for me.

    • iskelly87 says:

      Whiny? That is not a true statement for this album. Did you even listen to this CD? The clean vocals are no where near whiny. I can understand if you say that about any other high pitch clean singing band, but these vocals are not high pitched at all.

    • dacheat says:

      If you say so Chris…

    • Chris says:

      It’s the attitude, not the octave.

      I’m not a big Maylene fan but those vocals or something like Thieves & Liars are what I like for clean singing in heavy music. I also don’t mind some of the operatic stuff from Rein Xeed.

    • Yur “2 winy” 4 me, lol. U tel em skely!!

    • silentthunder89 says:

      He probably thought Haste the Day’s clean vocals were whiny as well…

    • Chris says:

      I’ve heard tracks of their music since “When Everything Falls” and those were OK, not as soaring as they could be. The clean vocals on “When Everything Falls” were way too melodramatic, like those of War of Ages.

      I think As I Lay Dying sometimes does them OK but all of their songs would be better without them.

    • Chandler A. says:

      Haste the Day’s cleans are perfect. Brennan Chaulk is the best clean singer ever. listen to the song autumn by them. Too melodramatic? There’s a difference between passionate and melodramatic, and WEF’s are def passion filled! :) <3HTD<3

  47. dacheat says:

    I’m going to be listening to this for a long time.

  48. Topher3519 says:

    SO SICK! I got this @ FYE earlier today and I’m digging it!!! I’ve been listening to it ever since I got it! :D Metalcore fans rejoice!!!

  49. David M says:

    I think I may be the only person on this site who isn’t overly wowed by the songs. I’m not saying they’re bad. But unlike the new Sleeping Giant, My Epic, Hands, or the newest HTD album (just got it yesterday), I didn’t find myself amazed at what’s going on. Maybe I’m just really picky? Who knows.

    • I listened to the three songs on their facebook page and thought they were pretty good. I didn’t hear anything that was different then what’s already out there. That being said, I was in Mardel Christian today and I saw that they had all the Red Cord Records releases. I thought that was pretty sweet, so I went ahead and bought this but I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet. I’m eager to find out what the rest of the album has in store.

    • Dacheat says:

      @David: What songs did you listen to?

      @Jeremiah: IMHO the three on their Facebook page aren’t nearly the best on the album (that’s not to say they aren’t good though).

    • Brandon says:

      The music may not be for everyone and don’t misunderstand the hype as us saying this band is some legendary groundbreaking band releasing album #5 which “is the heaviest most important work of their career!” ;) this is technically a label debut full length and the first time many people across the country are hearing the band. If they sound this good now, imagine what they will sound like on future releases. To me “thegodmachine” is a great album by itself and I will be listening to it for months to come.

    • David M says:

      Oh, Brandon, I know! I’m generally a sucker for metalcore (Of Love and Lunacy, anyone?); I just wasn’t that into these songs. I’m really excited to see what they do, though!

  50. BBanet says:

    Wow! So many comments. I’ll have to check out more of them. I’ve only listened to two tracks so far.

    • silentthunder89 says:

      You can listen to all of them on youtube. I suggest A Pattern in Pain, My Horses are Many, and thegodmachine: The Rider.

  51. dacheat says:

    Heh. Found this on Glenn’s (ex-guitarist) youtube. It’s him and Scotty playing “My Horses are Many” (or at least an early version of it). Pretty sick.

  52. David M says:

    Finally picked this up and…yeah…I’m liking it. A lot. Think I just needed a break from metal, which I did take for a few weeks. Stoked to listen to it all the way through.

  53. David Green says:

    Late to the party…. I just got this album, and it’s so amazing!!! I love every song! I can’t stop listening to it, it just doesn’t get old. Really phenomenal stuff in pretty much every facet; the lyrics are deep, the guitar work made my jaw drop, and the screaming/singing fits perfectly.

  54. CHASE says:

    This is without a doubt one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. My new favorite band for sure

  55. Lucas says:

    I’m only a year late, but this album is pretty sweet.

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