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August 21, 2020

Fireflight To Release New Album, Stream Whole Thing Via YouTube

Fireflight are back with a powerful new 10 song album via Rockfest Records. You can actually stream the entire album via YouTube right here. Listen below. The album is out October 23rd via Rockfest Records. The sound and production on this new album is near flawless. Powerful, deep, bass driven rock songs with Dawn’s hard hitting, intense and gripping vocals front and center. It’s like the perfect combo of rock sounds reminiscent of Anberlin, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Spoken, and Ledger, all at their best moments. Dawn, Wendy, Justin, and Glenn are all back in the fold of the band and present their most heavy, rock inspired tunes in years.… Continued →

August 1, 2020

Underoath Rare Unreleased Track "Heatherwood" With Dallas Taylor

Someone has posted the rare track “Heatherwood” by Underoath, up on YouTube. This comes from the sessions that would later become “They’re Only Chasing Safety”. It’s essentially a demo and with Dallas Taylor on Vocals instead of Spencer. The song got reworked later and became “Reinventing Your Exit”, their now classic hit song. Check out “Heatherwood” below and let us know what you think of that era of Underoath.… Continued →

March 26, 2020

Orion Walsh Performs Acoustic Slow Coming Day Songs from His Living Room

Check out this very special video of Orion Walsh performing select Slow Coming Day songs acoustically from his living room. Video premiered a couple days ago and you can watch it below. Catch Orion Walsh with a facebook live performance tomorrow at 3pm CST by clicking here. It’s going to be a great performance with some songs as well as classics. Sorry for the video cutting out at the end on this video I uploaded. I couldn’t edit the original video so I put the whole thing up as recorded without making changes.… Continued →

February 14, 2020

D-Gibby Kicks Off "Soulful Sundays"

Do you like to sometimes sit back and throw on some reaction videos on YouTube, seeing how others enjoy (or sometimes don’t) some of the same music you listen to? A favorite of mine that I check out often, is D-Gibby. He has some really great reactions to music I enjoy listening to, both Christian and secular alike. Recently, D-Gibby has begun to do something he’s calling “Soulful Sundays”, which feature reactions to Christian bands and artists. This past week he covered Skillet, P.O.D., and RED.… Continued →

April 4, 2019

IVM Group on Facebook

For those of you that actually use Facebook still, you’ll be happy to learn we have created a new GROUP to discuss your love of music and more. Sometimes Facebook page posts don’t always reach everyone and conversations can be tough if you don’t see what we are posting about. In a group setting, you usually see most posts on your feed unless you mute it. Click here to check out the group or search “IVM – Indie Vision Music” on Facebook to discover it.… Continued →

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