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August 20, 2018

July 3, 2018

New Singles From Tiger Drive

In case you haven’t been keeping up, 2018 has given us two new singles from the indie band Tiger Drive. The first single is a called “Legend” and came out on January 4th and the second single is titled “Here We Come” and was released May 25th. You can find the music video for “Legends” and audio for “Here We Come” below. If you’re wondering who Tiger Drive is, then you might remember the guys from their previous band, Oceanspeak.… Continued →

November 30, 2017

What Did You Listen to? – November 2017

I love “best of” lists. But I hate waiting until the end of the year for them. Hence my new monthly feature “What Did You Listen To?” Leave a comment and let me know what you listened to this month. Here are few of my favorite releases from November 2017: Kingslynn – Into the White LightWhat Did You Listen to? – November 2017 Into the White Light is the debut album from the indie pop band from Miami, FL. After two EPs, Kingslynn has hit their stride with this album of 80’s influenced synth-pop.… Continued →

October 31, 2017

April 18, 2017

Tiger Drive

Tiger Drive (ex OceanSpeak) Release Debut Single

It has been a few years since OceanSpeak’s eponymous EP, sea the same. It was certainly a great step forward for gritty progressive indie, but the band unfortunately didn’t last too long. Tiger Drive stands as the rebellious stepchild of OceanSpeak. Though the groups share several members, the diverging style Tiger Drive displays on their first single is more akin to what we’ve grown to expect from Polyenso and Author – intelligent, ambient pop with groove sensibilities. Talk is cheap, so take a listen for yourself right here.… Continued →

November 13, 2016

Tiger Drive

Tiger Drive (Ex OceanSpeak) Teases New Music

Tiger Drive, a Nashville progressive indie band featuring members of OceanSpeak, recently posted a video on Facebook from one of the group’s rehearsals. While the sound is definitely a departure from the groovy, post-hardcore elements that OceanSpeak showcased at times, there’s definitely plenty for old and new fans to enjoy. Check out the video here and be sure to give their page a like! Continued →