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July 17, 2021

Ocean Dark Release "Hope & Chaos" New Album

I’m incredibly late with this post and I apologize. European Metal kings by way of Finland – Ocean Dark, just dropped their album last month titled “Hope & Chaos”. It’s incredible stuff and brings to mind some of your favorite metal bands that the scene has produced but on an even grander scale. This mostly unknown band has begun making waves and there’s no stopping them. Please check out “Hope & Chaos” by Ocean Dark on your favorite digital network. The song “Home” is posted below to give you a taste of the whole thing.… Continued →

April 4, 2020

Ocean Dark Present "Voice to the Nations"

A friend just turned me on to this great new band out of Finland called “Ocean Dark”. They are a guitar driven hard rock band with an indie current running throughout. Solid lyrics, solid sound, and incredibly well put together. I encourage you to check out this new release and watch the lyric video for “Overdose” below. Recommended for fans of H.I.M., Queens of the Stone Age, Narnia, and Sinbreed.… Continued →