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April 12, 2020

Indie Vision Music Introduces Light and Dark Theme On All Browsers

This week, Indie Vision Music introduced our very first theme switch design that allows you to alternate between “Light(side)” and “Dark(side)”. Pick your side and choose wisely! Kidding, but seriously this new theme switcher is pretty awesome. Just tried it on desktop Google Chrome and the “Light” one looks amazing. It works on both mobile or desktop versions of the Indie Vision Music website.… Continued →

March 7, 2020

The Return Of The Letter Black!

The Letter Black is getting off the bench and back into the game! The hiatus is over and virtually everything new that you could expect from a band…is happening with these guys. There’s more to come in the way of specifics, but if you like your hard rock, this is very welcome news!… Continued →

March 31, 2017

April 20, 2014

December 12, 2013

December 13, 2012

REVIEW : Kate York - New

Independent artist Kate York has released her 2012 EP, 'New', featuring a duet with Leeland 'For Your Glory' that was featured in the TV Series Nashville. Here is the review.