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August 25, 2023

Song of the Day: Chalice - Lacerate

This band released one devastatingly heavy album in 1999 for indie upstart Takehold Records, and then like so many other metalcore bands, disappeared after only one album and one split (with fellow-Floridians Set Apart) never to be heard from again. A few members turned up elsewhere–some in the mysterious metal band Yeti, while drummer Nathan Warshowsky served as a studio drum tech for artists as diverse as Forever Changed, Underoath, Day of Fire, and even Paramore. Deathmask Grin came out just as metalcore as a genre was really taking off, and it was a significant contribution to the genre musically, despite it being heard by so few people.… Continued →

April 17, 2018

Five Emo Albums You Might Not Have Heard

Though it has been posited that an emo revival has been occurring for the past eight years, there still remain to be many worthwhile releases from years prior. As the title of this piece indicates, I want to bring to the forefront some notable releases that I believe have been obscured in some way or another. Share your thoughts in the comments section on all things emo. 1. Stutterfly – And We Are Bled of Color (Maverick Records, 2005) The fact that Stutterfly metamorphosed into Secret & Whisper might surprise some.… Continued →

July 24, 2012