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December 9, 2022

Song of the Day: Embraced - Hold My Hand

Embraced was a short-lived hardcore band from Florida, active in the early 2000s. I was able to catch the band live a couple of times at local gigs and mini-festivals, and enjoyed their shows. I always liked their semi-melodic take on hardcore (I mean, they were from Florida, after all!) They were clearly playing HC, but with hints of emo and indie rock at times. Perhaps in a similar vein to Bloodshed, Beloved, and Underoath, but with their own take on it. The band only released one mini-album, the 7-song An Orchestrated Failure, in 2002 for Theory 8 Records (who also an album by The Goodbye Letter and an early split with Copeland and Pacifico, among others).… Continued →

January 6, 2017

Theory 8 Records Reissues Embraced "An Orchestrated Failure" on Limited Vinyl

Indie label Theory 8 Records will be reissuing the classic album from Embraced titled “An Orchestrated Failure” that was released 15 years ago on their label. The reissue is limited to just 300 copies and is available for pre-order right here. I sold this release in the Indie Vision Music store back when it was first released and people really seemed to dig it. Classic emotional hardcore.… Continued →