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September 14, 2022

September 3, 2022

Song of the Day: Bloodgood - I Wanna Live In Your Heart

The passing of Michael Bloodgood still hits hard with all of us who remember his music and have followed his health on social media. This SOTD was actually my 2nd intro to them. My first being Battle of the Flesh off one of the Intense Records comps I found at a Hobby Lobby almost 30 years ago! I fell in love with this ballad & I still about the lyrics to this day how much Jesus still loves us.… Continued →

August 24, 2022

Song of the Day: Fighter - Alone With You

This song is been one of my fave songs of all time-yeah there are a lot of them. But for real I think it was maybe 1994 I heard this one & I immediately was hooked. Maybe it was Amy Wolter’s voice or the lyrics (probably the latter). Anyways, keep you eyes, ears and heart open to what YHWH is telling you and spending quiet time with Him is a surefire way of letting Him be involved with our lives.… Continued →

September 13, 2021

Song of the Day: Akeldama - Nightmares Are Real

Akeldama is a Christian arena rock band that released their self-titled release in 1996. Think Warrior, Blood & Fire, Krush or Laudamus to get a feeling. Anyways, had a really hard time finding their music, but was able to speak with the bassist/vocalist on social media who subsequently sent me a few of their songs. “Akeldama” is actually the Aramaic name for field of blood which is where Judas hung himself after betraying Jesus. Anyways, this song speaks of a girl who is going the wrong direction away from YHWH & the singer is crying out for her to wake up & come back to Jesus.… Continued →