Song of the Day: Fighter - Alone With You

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This song is been one of my fave songs of all time-yeah there are a lot of them. But for real I think it was maybe 1994 I heard this one & I immediately was hooked. Maybe it was Amy Wolter’s voice or the lyrics (probably the latter). Anyways, keep you eyes, ears and heart open to what YHWH is telling you and spending quiet time with Him is a surefire way of letting Him be involved with our lives.

It’s been too easy to stay away
I’ve excuses for everyday that I ran from you
Looking the other way
Afraid of what yo might say
Of what I’d have to do
But when I stopped running
And started to hear
Your voice became real
I can feel you near

When I am alone with You
I can hear you calling
When I am alone with You
Your Spirit’s falling…
Your voice keeps calling my name

Sitting here in my quiet chair
expecting to find you there
This is a better choice
I can think of all the years wasted
In a one way conversation
It was only my voice
Ready to listen
I’m ready to hear
Word so sweet to my aching ears

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