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January 21, 2022

Song of the Day: The Warning - Condemned to Hell

If you’ve been around the Christian punk/metal/hardcore/indie scene for any amount of time, you will likely have heard the name Burrito. Not his real name, of course–the man David Villalpando was a legend in the underground scene. Sadly, the man that many called a friend passed away this week from covid-related illness. For those who didn’t know him, it is difficult to overstate his impact on the scene. From a musical standpoint, while none of his projects ever achieved mainstream success or financial prosperity, they were always on the bleeding edge of innovation.… Continued →

January 19, 2022

David Villalpando ('Burrito') 1960-2022

A legend, long time musician, songwriter, scene supporter, and a Faithful servant of the Lord – David “Burrito” Villalpando, just passed away yesterday. The man who may have been controversial at times for his direct and often times bold, in your face message, was a Faithful servant of the Lord all the way up until the very end. I had chatted with him a few times over the years and followed his social accounts for continuing posts and updates. He had been a part of some very early Christian hardcore, metal, and punk bands during the 80’s like Moral Majority, and The Warning, and went on to start several other bands through the next decade including the band Eightball Cholos, 44Evergiven, and Grace for the Fallen.… Continued →