Orion Walsh - Struggle to Recover (Three for Flinching 'Cover')

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Orion Walsh has covered an old song by his former band and a “local” band for me called Three for Flinching. Eddie Spangler the lead singer of Three for Flinching, passed away a few years ago and Orion recorded this song as tribute. I knew Eddie and spoke with him several times years ago when I was putting I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 together (which Three for Flinching was on) and booking shows around So. Cal. He was also a member of Dogwood during their “Seismic” days. I had no idea he had passed until just today after Orion emailed me. You can stream the song “Struggle to Recover” originally by the band Three for Flinching, below. RIP Eddie. (Original song posted below)