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Y/Our Sparkle Heart - You, Me, and God

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Artist: Y/Our Sparkle Heart
Album: You, Me, and God
Label: Future Destination Records
Release Date: February 26, 2008
Review by: Eric Pettersson

1. Messengers
2. Appointment with the Optimist
3. Return Home
4. Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There Is a Season)
5. City Folk
6. You Say I Say
7. A Song about Winter
8. Countryside
9. Banners and Fires
10. A Song for Martin

It seems Future Destination have acquired quite an affinity for original-sounding, acoustic-based indie rock bands. One of the latest of these is the folk-infused, female-fronted Y/Our Sparkle Heart. As much as the name and cover art bring up pictures of girl-power pop punk bands like Superchic[k] or Halo Friendlies or something, this is actually not the reality for this band. Instead, they offer a creative new look at the indie-folk-rock genre with the use of a violin, a cello, and a traditional Chinese instrument called a yue qin that looks a lot like a banjo. Singer Sarah Morris’s voice is gentle and airy in that catchy singer-songwriter kind of way. It feels a little out of place on the tracks that try to be a little more rocking, but for songs like “Appointment with the Optimist” and “Messengers,” it’s dead-on. The instrumentals “You Say I Say” and “A Song for Martin” display great song-writing abilities and entertaining uses of the strings. The cover song doesn’t really do justice to The Byrds, but it’s a fun effort. Overall, it’s a decent record, marking a band with great potential to really hone in on their sound and become something amazing.



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