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You The Symphony: From Air To Arms

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This is not the album cover, just a picture of the band
This is not the album cover, just a picture of the band

Artist: You The Symphony

Album: From Air To Arms

Reviewer: Tyler Hess

Never have I read so much about one band and understood so little about what they (or their management) are trying to say about themselves as I now have about You The Symphony. Yet, that takes absolutely nothing away from the enjoyable six track piece of rock music that they have provided on their “From Air to Arms” EP.

What surprises me the most is their ability to have a cohesive sound on the record, yet I never feel like I’m listening to the same sound twice. They are experimental, yet catchy. They have a familiar voice, something along the lines of having vocals like Kutless and instrumentals more along the lines of a Fireflight. Nevertheless, this EP doesn’t truly hit on all cylinders until we hit song three, “Saltwater Lungs”, with a great chorus that beings with “you justify this, you don’t have gills to swim”, which I could easily see being one of those lines where I get it stuck in my head for an entire weekend and want to punch my brains out. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there.

This EP has a nice collection of reflective, full sounding songs with excellent sliding guitar solos and a few memorable hooks, but still has room to improve and could use some cleaning up.

Track List:

1. Air Signals

2. Breathe This Disguise

3. Saltwater Lungs

4. Blue Blood

5. Pulmonics

6. Drowned 815

Score: 7/10