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Unspoken - Get To Me EP

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Artist: Unspoken
Title: Get To Me EP
Label: Centricity Music
Release Date: 6/12/12
Reviewer: Jonathan Andre


  1. Run To You
  2. Just to Get to Me
  3. Who You Are
  4. You’ve Got Love for Me
  5. Lost

Recently signed to Centricity Records, home of artists like Downhere, Jason Gray and Aaron Shust; soul-pop Christian rock-band Unspoken have released their debut EP, Get To Me. Sounding musically similar to newworldson and Salvador, and vocally resemblant of Jimmy Needham and Chris August at times; Unspoken is able to infuse their Caribbean heritage into their music (with two of their members from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico). Forming in the Dominican Republic and opening for many artists over the years (Third Day, Casting Crowns, TobyMac); this ‘…eclectic blend of ethnicity and musical backgrounds among the members of the group has led to one of the most unique and exciting sounds in Christian music today…’ (from Reminding listeners that God loves us enough to do anything within His power to gain our attention to what He wants us to do; Unspoken have created 5 tracks full of honesty and humility, hopefulness and healing. One of the breakout debut bands in 2012 along with Bellarive and An Epic, No Less; Unspoken is gladly received to the Centricity roster of artists, injecting a fresh and reinvigorating approach as they combine a variety of genres together to create a massive worshipful experience as they continue to praise God!

‘Who You Are’ is the first single by the band; and as lead singer Chad Mattson starts to sing, direct vocal parallels between in and soul-pop artist Jimmy Needham are certainly apparent. With an ‘ohhh’ harmony in the background to create a Caribbean feeling, the song tackles about how everyone is just one turn away from God’s goodness and grace. Reminding us that ‘…you can never fall too far, so fast, so far that you can’t get back when you lost, where you are, it’s never too late so fast, so much that you can’t change who you are…’; listeners are able to ponder the question, ‘is it too late for me to come back to Jesus?’ As soulful as this song sounds, its message is hard-hitting; that no matter what you’ve done, we can come back to the Father, ‘…to the foot of the cross, to the feet of Jesus…’ Through a hint of acoustics, a looping drum kick undertone, and a soaring soul-motown vocal; we are met with the revelation of forgiveness, from Christ to His creation. Well done Unspoken for this riveting radio single!

Both ‘Just to Get to Me’ and ‘You’ve Got Love For Me’, potential radio singles, show the listeners how much God loves us, with ‘You’ve Got Love For Me’ a praise song to God, proclaiming that though ‘…I have no earthly treasures, but I have all I need, I’ve never been empty-handed…You’ve got love for me…’ A piano driven song full of soul flavour with strong guitars, light percussion, and a swaying beat; ‘You’ve Got Love For Me’ is a reminder for everyone in difficult situations, that God is always with us showing us that He is the one we ought to rely on. Similarly, the second song on the album, ‘Just to Get to Me’ is a wide eye-opener, similar to the theme in a Max Lucado book, A Gentle Thunder, and how Max describes that the Lord will do almost anything in His power for our attention to focus back upon Him. Through poignant lyrics mixed with light percussion and a little bit of hope, this 3:12 song shows us how ‘…sometimes, You shatter dreams, You tear down walls, You wake me up when I’m half asleep, just to get to me…’ as we understand that God can use anything and any circumstance to teach us more about our Heavenly Father and what He wants us to accomplish for His kingdom. Irregardless of whether we may understand the circumstances around us, God is looking after us, showing us that He is the one we place our trust in and no one else.

Lastly are the two book-ended songs, ‘Run to You’ and ‘Lost’. Showing the listeners how God love is not conditional on our response, but rather on who He is and His undying love for His children, ‘Run to You’ is the most upbeat on the album, full of guitars and drums as Chad proclaims that ‘…You are the same, You loved me before I knew this, now I’m running out of things to say, I come to You, I run to You…’, understanding that God is the source of our strength regardless of our circumstances. With heartfelt lyrical moments; we are given a hope; to understand that God wants to help us where we are at, longing for us to come to Him as we bring the things that haunt us and lay them down at His feet. ‘Lost’ is the final track on this 5-song EP, showcasing some of the most honest lyrics from this album. The most laid back instrument-wise, only featuring light percussion, keyboards, and vocals; Chad leaps into emotion as he cries out, ‘…before You taught my heart how to hear Your voice, I had a million questions, only guessing where to go…’ Speaking about the journey everyone goes through before they come to Christ, ‘Lost’ is a hope-filled melody as we proclaim that we are lost without Christ, like a ship with no sailor, a home without a family in it. A reassurance that God always finds His children even though we stray so far away; ‘Lost’ ends the EP on the right note, with much emotion, stellar instrumentation, and hope beyond words can imagine. Well done Unspoken for creating such a powerful melody!

Overall: Unspoken have been able to come together and write music that touches the heart, with hope in Christ that He finds us, the running theme of the 5 tracks. Bursting onto the scene out of nowhere, these 4 men with their hearts for God have shown me that they are certainly one of the best debut bands this year, along with An Epic, No Less, Moriah Peters and Bellarive. Hopefully nominated with a Dove Award next year, Unspoken have done a commendable job with their debut EP, a must for those who enjoy Chris August, newworldson or Jimmy Needham!

RIYL: Jimmy Needham, Salvador, Chris August, newworldson

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