Album Review :
This Patch of Sky - The Immortal, The Invisible

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Artist: This Patch of Sky

Album: The Immortal, The Invisible

Label: None

Release Date: February 14, 2011

Reviewer: Eric Pettersson


  1. A Fire through the Dark
  2. Prisoner of War
  3. Heart of Antaeus
  4. The Immortal, The Invisible
  5. When the Sun Shines Through
  6. The Runner

By now most of us have heard at least one instrumental rock band, playing an expansive post-rock style with lots of guitars and sweeping melodies. This Patch of Sky may fit that description, but they enter the scene a little differently than most. Yes, they’re a rock band without vocals, but this time around the music sounds more like Thrice, Beloved, and at times mewithoutYou. It’s a harder style than more familiar post-rock acts, though there are plenty of guitar melodies overtop of these rocking riffs. As someone who tends to focus on lyrics, I can assure you that even for people like me the lack of vocals is not a problem here. This Patch of Sky always keeps it interesting, rising and falling with power and feeling: sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes heavy and sometimes very melodic. Even without words, the music can be quite moving and inspiring.

Overall: With six songs totaling about 22 minutes, The Immortal, The Invisible presents the work of four passionate musicians out of Eugene, Oregon. These instrumental pieces are strangely both calming and energizing, and while they will obviously appeal to fans of post-rock, they will also be accessible to fans of indie rock and melodic post-hardcore as well.