Album Review :
This Is Luke - There Is Hope

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Band: This is Luke
Album: There is Hope
Label: None
Reviewed by: Tyler Hess

While listening to this album, I had to do one very important thing: Check myself before I wreck Myself. When approached about reviewing this 7 song EP, I was told that the guys had come up with a new worship album. Not only did this surprise me because I had some strange thought that they were a pop punk band (or something close to that), but it also baffled when I first heard the album. What struck me is that all I could keep thinking was “this isn’t really worship music” because I couldn’t imagine any of these songs, except for the last track, which is a hymn, being played at a standard church service. Sure, there are funky new churches out there and youth group/ college group rockin’ bands out there, but this surely isn’t typical for a Sunday morning adult type church service. It took me until halfway through the second listen of the EP to realize that my mind had been persuaded that it had to be your typical straight forward acoustic guitar song to be considered a worship record.

I am stupid.

My mistake.

The lyrics and the heart that seems to behind them are so full of worshipping Christ that it would be foolish to call this anything but a worship album. Sure, musically it sounds like some kind of a mix of the Almost and Hazel and Vine stuff, but with the lyrics almost non-stop being directed at our Savior. Songs about humility, thankfulness, dependency, hope, freedom, all things that we have in our God. By the time I’d gotten to a third spin I realized that these 7 tracks had gotten me to focus more on worshipping Jesus than probably any other I’d listened to in a long, long time. Worship shouldn’t be about the style of music, its about serving and knowing God. In that, I think they succeeded. Musically, they have a bit of room for improvement, perhaps a bit underproduced, especially in comparison to the overproduced garbage that sometimes gets passed off as the best in worship, but give this a few spins and I think you’ll see a diamond in the rough.

Track List:

  1. Fire
  2. Teach
  3. Promise
  4. Alive
  5. None
  6. Hope
  7. Praise